Tuesday, 28 January 2014


hello my beloved readers 
how are you all?? 
I'm sorry that this has been 2 weeks, I did not post anything in blog 
it's all caused by floods in Jakarta .. 
streets in Jakarta, including roads affected by flooding in my house :(.
for you are affected by flooding, may be given the patience for this disaster. 
nah .. today I want to post the new but this is something different than before.
I'll show photos are close-ups of me with my camera .. this is not a photograph outfit, I just want to have fun with my self! 
maybe I'll incorporate the latest post twice this week .. so just take it for you who want to see photos of my oufit .. 
okay, we just see what I'm showing now .. 
hope you like it : ')

yaaass,I LOVE ICE CREAM SO BADLY!hahahaha
sorry for my weird face :)
oke enough from me , i hope you like this post and keep spy my BLOG!


Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hello Everyone!
Happy saturdate y'all Upsss i mean saturday .. LOL
I came back to post something new: p
oh yeah I was very dizzy, because this month I'm facing the final exam ..
and I am very lazy to learn (do not follow me :D) .. but I must:(.. pfftttt
I pray can hopefully finish the test well and smoothly and to you who are also exam, I wish all of you could get it all too well.
okey we just see what I'm going to post today :DD



Friday, 3 January 2014

The New Beginning

hello, everybody!
Happy New Year 2014 y'all .. hopefully this year we are all given the health and happiness!
also hopefully continue heXfashion can post every week and more famous
This new year I went to my parents hometown.. Yap PALEMBANG!
spent new year there with family for sure.. other than that I go to into the area which is very famous , one of which is a MUSI'S BRIDGE.
I also should not miss eating food typical Palembang is Pempek
oh yeah I'm so so sorry to you all because I was exposed to during the accident would incorporate the photos into the computer, eventually all the photos I erased everything on camera:(.
I was very sad, but fortunately there are pictures I took wearing my ipad.
so sorry if the picture is not good:')
okay, let's just take a look and hopefully you will not be disappointed.



And this is Martabak Har , my fav food in Palembang :9