Sunday, 29 September 2013


Hello peoples,this is my first time to create a Blog and i will share with you guys about fashion and myself ...So,hope you can enjoyed my FashionBlog :)

My friends told me,"why you don't make a blog like another Fashion Blogger?" 

Honestly,I'm not a good writer!Annddd I'm a Lazy person(re:I'm not too fluent with english,LOL) but i will try for that.

Oh yah I'm forget to introduce my self... :p

My name is Sandy Hendra Budiman,you can call me "Sandy",I was the second of the two brothers.
I am 19 years old and currently taking high school science communication at the London School of Public relations..
I really like Dancing and interested with FASHION too,i looked up so much with Rihanna's Style..she is my inspiration and I'm Big Fan of her!
My look is based on my mood so I can wear anything as long as it makes me look Fashionable.

SO,i would post my first look in my BLOG

Here is it!

Tadaaaaa it's me :p

      Hat : F.U.N(from Bangkok)
       Necklace : Celine chain necklace
              Top : GOLD jacket(IG:@volkachinoostore)
      Jeans : Topman
     Shoes : New Balance(from Bangkok)

Close Up :D

YASSSS,hope you like my first post,guys :)
and i will post my new look soon

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