Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello guys...
Finally my dream of becoming a fashion journalist as well although I only achieved during the 6 week internship at one of the well known fashion site that is :)
I was having with style spotter at college campuses jakarta ..
The first week of my internship, I decided to look stylish 30 people on my campus (LSPR), recording will be displayed on the blog dimention and also via twitter (@bywhatiwear) ... eitsss but do not be sad because every week I will move to another campus ..
I am here to look for 30 people in charge really stylish in my opinion, with the theme "DRESS UP TO CAMPUS"
Nahhh .. I've finally decided 30 stylish people on my campus!
So, now i will give you what I've done this week! and also i wanna say thankyou to you guys
and the campus will I go next week is UNTAR, the date is Thursday  november 7,2013
soooo prepare yourself and be STYLISH! :DD

My favorites outfit from the GIRLS!

My favorites outfit from the BOYS!

yapppp!How do you think about their oufit??!
So from now, don't be afraid to dress up to campus!
because of the appearance of people may judge you :)

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