Saturday, 16 November 2013


hello beautiful people!
This was a few days rain in Jakarta and its weather makes lazy to move, but I have to keep the spirit as well as you.
hmmm today is very difficult to take photos because of the rain that does not stop from morning in jakarta but the rain finally stopped, and I immediately rushed to ask my mom to help me take photos hahahha LOL!
and I was surprised with the results of a photo taken by my mommy
you want to see?? are you ready guys?
okkk let's see!
oh yahh, I chose the title for this post because I love the song again Katy Perry - Uncondotionally because his lyrics are very touching!, and I suggest to listen to the song :)
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Excuse for Blacky (the dog's name) :P
TOP : Balenciaga Sweater
PANTS : Modify
SHOES : Black Docmart

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  1. nice look!
    love your top!!!